Big dog or small, young or old, we’re here to help! This is your opportunity to learn powerful and effective dog training techniques that will transform the bond and relationship you have with your dog. Through our hands-on, one-on-one training, we create a training programs to solve your problems and meet your goals. We will help you eliminate unwanted dog behaviors and develop a bright, exciting perspective about your dog and your relationship with your dog.

Puppy Foundation Course

Our two week puppy program will teach your puppy the fundamentals of basic obedience as a foundation for the education you will continue to build on at home. We will use games, play, food to establish engagement and build a desire to work. This provides a sense of purpose and understanding of the rules of living in a human’s world.

Program Includes:

  • Food games/luring
  • Engagement building
  • Establishment of a marker system
  • Manners around people and other dogs
  • Socialization & neutral behavior around other dogs
  • Go-home lesson

Private Training

With extensive experience training dogs of all sizes, ages and education-levels, we will tailor a training program to solve the problems your are encountering with your dog while helping you to establish and develop a genuine bond with your dog.

Board & Train

Limited training spots are tailored to solve the problems you have with your dog.

For more information or to schedule a consultation, call or text (408) 656-3724.

What is a Board & Train?

Depending upon the education-level you want for your dog, we offer a program where you board your dog with us for 3-8 weeks while we train your dog. Your dog will live with us so that your dog can learn new behaviors though obedience, structure, and play. We provide consistent, fair rules and develop a bond through play-based resolutions and food-based rewards. This approach builds your dog’s confidence so that your dog is less likely to spiral into unwanted behaviors based on insecurities, fears, anticipation, or excitement. Your dog learns that he or she can have these emotions while, at the same time, exhibiting behavior that is not harmful to themselves or others.

Each training package includes foundational behaviors to include manners around people/dogs and manners inside a home. Your dog will have a minimum of 2 training sessions/day in addition to socialization, exercise, and physical conditioning.

How do I know if a Board & Train Program is right for me and my dog?

A Board & Train program will accelerate your dog’s training much more rapidly than having weekly one-on-one lessons. Our goal is to establish a solid baseline of behavior that you and your dog will then be able to pick up on and continue to progress.

General requirements for our programs:

Your dog must have up-to-date vaccinations to include Rabies and DHPP (distemper, hepatitis, parainfluenza, and parvovirus). Puppies must be at least four months old and must have completed their necessary puppy vaccinations including all parvovirus rounds.

What Board & Train Programs do you offer?

3-Week Silver Package

This 3-week package provides basic fundamentals for dogs who lack any previous foundation or training. While this package is ideal for dogs new to training, it is a program that is tailored to fit any age, gender or breed of dog.

3-Week Silver Package includes:

  • walking on the leash without pulling or barking
  • sit
  • down
  • stay
  • “place” command
  • manners around people

What can I expect at the end of 3 weeks?

At the end of the 3-week package, you and your dog will be equipped to establish a more cooperative relationship where your dog wants to do obedience with you because it is fun and desirable to your dog! You and your dog will be set up with a go-home private training session where we educate you on how to maintain these newly trained behaviors so that you can maintain and continue your dog’s education!

5-Week Gold Package

This package includes all basic obedience and fundamentals described for the beginner 3-Week Package in addition to introducing a higher standard of training that builds your dog’s confidence both on and off leash. This program introduces the e-collar, which is a tool used to extend solid, basic leash skills while guiding your training towards off-leash obedience by creating a reliable dog.

5-Week Gold Package includes:

  • all basic obedience included in 3-week package
  • individually-fitted e-collar
  • field trips to public places such as Lowes, Home Depot, PetSmart, PetCo, public parks and trails

What to expect at the end of these 5-weeks:

You and your dog will have the tools needed for controlled on-leash obedience with an advancement towards off-leash control. This brings confidence to know that you can control your dog’s obedience without a leash, even in the presence of squirrels, other dogs, rabbits, and deer.

10-Week Platinum Package

This premium package is designed to create the ultimate companion dog who is trained to take on a variety of social, psychological and physical circumstances that challenge many untrained dogs. This curriculum includes all of the benefits of the previous packages with an added proofing period to allow you dog to solidigy their off-leash skills in highly-distracting environments. This level of off-leash training creates a confident, obedient and stable dog who is obedient on and off-leash, no matter where you go.

10-Week Platinum Package includes:

  • All training including in the previous packages
  • Fitted e-collar
  • 5 or more public field trips to locations such as Lowes, Home Depot, PetSmart, PetCo, public parks and trails

What to expect at the end of 10 weeks:

At the end of this 10-week Board & Train program, you will have the tools needed to conquer your training on and off-leash with a well-trained and proofed dog who is confident, comfortable and obedient in different situations. At the end of your dog’s program, you will be given a go-home session followed by up to 4 private follow=up sessions, as needed.