The bond between you and your dog is the foundation of the quality of life you have with your dog.

Many people think they should automatically know how to play with their dog. Most people think they should be able to easily walk their dog, take it to the cafe, or bring it along on a family road trip. When these expectations disappoint, the realization that the bond that they have with their dog is not what they want emerges. Some people feel betrayed, some feel frustrated, but they know something isn’t right.

Here are some signs that your dog is not well-bonded with you:

  • Your dog is frequently fearful or aggressive
  • Your dog frequently ignores you or bolts at the slightest opportunity
  • Your dog does not come when called and/or selectively listens to commands
  • Your dog is destructive or engages in unwanted behaviors
  • Your dog is frequently anxious or stressed

How do we establish a bond?

We start very simply. We discover the things your dog loves to do. We build a relationship that is playful, consistent, fair and develop a spirit of friendship and cooperation. When conflicts arise as they inevitably will, we resolve issues through play, exercise, and obedience work. Dogs in training develop a mutual respect with their handler and develop a strong desire and genuine need to work for and with their trainer.