One-on-One In-Home Sessions

In one session, we will assess your dog in its home environment and put together a comprehensive plan to work towards achieving specific, defined goals, to include both obedience and behavioral issues.

One-on-ones are designed to cover issues on the structured walk (lunging, barking, marking, growling, pulling, spinning, reacting to other dogs, etc), as well as foundation commands on-leash (sit, down, place, come, stay). We will also address threshold and duration work and it’s importance in developing a dog with a calm, relaxed state of mind. Finally, we address any unwanted behaviors such as jumping up, nipping, biting, counter-surfing or other behavioral issues you want eliminated.

Our unique approach addresses the development of dog’s state of mind rather than teaching a dog to rehearse obedience commands by rote. We are primarily concerned with the development of a sound, balanced mind so that your dog has the calm confidence and explicit understanding to happily exist within his human family.

The initial one-hour session will include a consultation, assessment and a detailed-approach to training your dog. We will then begin hands-on training and you will immediately begin to see dramatic changes in your dog’s behavior during the first session. We will give you homework to work on until we return. We will continue to work hands-on with you and your dog within your own environment until you are satisfied.

Kirsten is available for Facetime and Zoom calls for clients who need help from a distance.

Price: $200.00/hour

Two to Four Week Board & Train with Behavior Modification

This program is designed for dogs who have varying degrees of unwanted behaviors that have been patterned and are more deeply ingrained in the dog such as anxiety, fear, and aggression. Dogs who get into elevated states of anxiety, fear and aggression are similar to people who have PTSD. In order to get a dog to calm down, we establish firm leadership roles so that dogs understand that there are rules, boundaries and limitations. Once hierarchy is reestablished, the dog’s state of mind calms down and the dog can now learn our basic obedience program.

Our basic obedience program teaches sit, down, come, place and heel. Additionally, dogs learn to automatically sit at all thresholds including gates, cars, and doors. Change begins when the dog understand that we aren’t just teaching rote reactions to commands but we are developing a relationship based on trust, respect and love.

After the basic obedience takes place, we can then layer the obedience training with low-level remote e-collar training. The dog learns obedience work with a high level of distractions, dog/dog socialization and leadership training. We hold dogs accountable for their behavior and choices while being extremely fair with the dog.

Price: $2800.00, $4100.00, $5400.00 * **

* Price does not include training collars. We will purchase these items for you during your dog’s stay and add it to the final invoice.

** Please contact The Calm Dog, LLC, if you are uncertain of how many training weeks will be required to modify your dog’s behavior.

Board & Play

Only dogs who have previously been in training are allowed to board with us. All vaccinations must be up to date. Space is limited. To reserve your position, please book and pay in advance. Please contact us for availability and for holiday pricing. *

Price: $125.00/night*

*Please contact us for availability.